The Mission of St. Raphael is a part of the Liberal Catholic Church in Sweden (short: LCC) We are in union with other LCC:s through the international episcopal synod The Liberal Catholic Church. For addresses, ses our links page.

The Liberal Catholic Church is truly catholic, but not roman catholic. We are not connected to the Vatican. We recognise our apostolic succession from the Old Catholic Church that in its turn recognise its apostolic succession from the Catholic Church (nowadays called the Roman Catholic Church), which means that our bishops are true heirs of the One Christian Church (the apostles of Jesus Christ).

We call ourselves catholic because:

  • we believe in the holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • we recognise, honor and safeguard the seven holy sacraments: baptism, the Eucharist, confirmation, marriage, the anointment of the sick and ordination to the trifold priesthood (deacon, priest and bishop)
  • we recognise the seven ecumenical conciliates (Nicea 325, Konstantinopel 381, Ephesus 431, Chalcedon 451, Konstantinopel 553, Konstantinopel 680-681 and Nicea 787)
  • we recognise the Nicean Creed and the Apostolic Creed.

    We call ourselves liberal because:

  • our members have unincreased freedom of thought and are not eligable to submit to certain dogmas
  • all who show due respect for the Eucharist are welcome to share it
  • we leave to the individual to form his/her own opinion in moral issues
  • we leave to the members to interpret the holy scriptures in the light of personal spiritual maturity, knowledge and understanding

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